About Elaine

Elaine Diedrich has always been a dog person.  As a little girl, she was busy learning about dogs by poring over the dog breed books!  She continued on her journey through years of working with her own dogs, assisting with training and placement of many foster dogs (WAG), and as an active supporter and trainer for our Sequim 4-H group.  During the last ten plus years she has been a lead dog trainer at Legacy Canine Behavior and Training Center.  Elaine believes in nurturing relationships that work for both the owner and the dog.  She will help you explore the pathway for you to develop that relationship!  

Elaine believes in and actively pursues continuing education opportunities.  Through workshops, seminars and conferences she stays in tune with the most current science-based methods.  Techniques are constantly changing as her understanding of dogs grows.

Duncan who was found along the roadside, ribs showing, joined the family a few years ago.  He has benefited from all of Elaine's previous  experience training foster dogs  and yet has challenged Elaine in new ways.  
Elaine says "Duncan has helped me to become a better trainer.  
He has become my teacher!"

Willow and Cedar, old friends, now gone. 
Elaine calls Cedar  (Bernese Mountain Dog) her "heart" dog and friend.  She credits him with changing the direction of her life!  Above: Willow and Cedar with two of her foster dogs.

Luna (right) has been raised by Elaine from a pup. Luna has her Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles.  She has also earned her titles in Nose Work I and Nose Work II. 
  Ozzie (left) was a litter mate that had a rough start in a different home.  He has overcome many of his issues - still a few to work on!